Contour BI 6 Overview

Features and Benefits

The Presidential Election: A Multidimensional Analysis

Obviously, the best way to analyze the recent presidential election is with the help of a Business Intelligence tool.  So let’s do just that, and take a look at how easily you can create and publish your very own Analytical Solution of the Presidential Election on the internet.

A Few Words about Chart Colors

Color tends to be more important than other aspects of figure style because of the power it has, if wielded effectively, to elucidate patterns in the data. And the result is just the opposite when applied improperly. There are a number of resources out there that can help you develop good techniques for using color in visualizations in Business Intelligence solutions.

How to Show YTD, MTD and History Business Data

Most managers have grown accustomed to using a certain kind of traditional report and consequently demand the same even when they happen to be using the more sophisticated OLAP tool. This article describes how to use Contour BI to create multidimensional business reports, scorecards and dashboards that look like your traditional YTD, MTD and History tables.

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